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This Summer we travelled to Lake Como, in Italy (as I've previously mentioned).
Lake Como is said to be the most beautiful lake in the world, and I must say I agree.

As we were on a 9 day roadtrip through 4 countries, we only had two nights to spend at the lake.
To get the most out of those two nights, we decided to spend the first night up at a small family hotel
 in the mountains surrounding Lake Como, and the second (also at a small family hotel) down by the lake.

The views from the hotel were amazing. And it was so
peaceful and calm, I could've stayed there forever...

The second night, at the hotel down by the lake, we also had an amazing view! There was a
small beach nearby (like TINY, it was really packed with people, even dogs...) where we spent
a couple of hours in the afternoon. It was OK, but I wouldn't recommend coming to Lake Como for
a beach holiday. The beaches there are just a few, and they're really uncomfortable with basically just
 rocks and no sand. Plus, as I said, TINY and packed with both people and dogs.

Conclusion: visiting Lake Como for two days was really great, but I would definitely stay longer the
 next time... There's so much to explore! Cozy little towns and villages all around the lake, amazing
restaurants, hikes to take in the mountains, boat-rides, ah... And hey, fun fact, did you know that
 George Clooney has a villa at Lake Como? So bummed that I didn't see him... Oh well, next time!

All images by me, myself and I. 



At October 5, 2018 at 11:29 AM , Anonymous Jennifer Sandström said...

Last spring I visited Lake Como and the town Como, but just for a daytrip from Milano – so I'd really love to go back and see more of the lake and its surroundings! And of course, look out for George Clooney ;)
Love your pictures!

Have a nice weekend.

At October 6, 2018 at 3:21 PM , Blogger HANANAA said...

Oh Milano! We actually decided between going to Venice or Milano after our 2 days in Lake Como. Ended up in Venice, but I still dream about going to Milano sometime soon... I've heard it's a great city! And yes, Lake Como is so beautiful - I absolutely think one could "kill" a week there exploring! Yeah wouldn't mind bumping in to mr Clooney at all... :D Thanks!

Thanks and you too :)


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