Train like you're sponsored by Nike.


Seriously, this weather is killing me. First it's snowing, then it's 
raining, then it's snowing again. Spring, where are you?


I've never been this happy, nor this much in love, and it really is the best feeling.




I really want a trenchcoat for spring. But I really can't decide on the color...

1. HERE / 2. HERE / 3. HERE / 4. HERE




I'm slowly getting ready for spring, clothing wise that will say... These are two of 
my latest buys. I really needed a new pair of sunglasses since my black RayBan 
wayfarers are beginning to look a bit "shabby" - which really is no surprise, since I've 
had them for 7 years (and worn them aaaall the time, pretty much). So, I decided to try 
a new pair of sunnies, this time from LeSpecs (find them online HERE). 

I also needed a new pair of spring-shoes, comfortable ones. I thought a lot about 
getting a pair of Nike Air Force's - but when I remembered I actually used to have 
a pair of Reebook Hi's (that I totally wore out, because I loved them so), I decided to 
click home a pair of Reebok's instead (find my Reebok's HERE). So... I'd say my 
eyes and shoes are ready for spring. Hey spring, where are you?