My 2 fave outfits from Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015. Ooh makes me miss the streets of Paris!

Images via Pinterest.



On some random island in the middle of nowhere, just exploring, went there by boat.

Yummie. Shrimp-sandwich. Yup, theres's a bread beneath. 

Summery icecream!


Out on an evening walk with my boyfriend.

Ice cream in the sun with my friend Tanja.



I have NOT been taking care of my body this summer. I've been to the gym like twice, in 
June. Oh my. Well well, fall is a chance for a new start. Time to start hitting the gym again!



Ah, Paris <3

LOVE this. 

I have no idea where this is, but it looks amazing. I wanna go there.

Marble with gold vein, gorgeousness.

Beautiful, beautiful tulips.

Anine Bing in the most perfect outfit, ever.

Avocado on toast, yummie.

New York, New York.

Where can I find a skull like this? I've wanted one just like this for so long...

This is just SO beautiful.

My favorite flowers in my favorite color.

All images via Pinterest.



My latest shopping is a grey cardigan that I think will be 
perfect for the coming fall season. I got it online HERE. 



These jeans were a great buy. I found them at Zara in Åbo - and it was really love at first sight. They fit me perfectly right 
away, and I've worn them pretty much every other day since the day I bought them. You can still find them online HERE