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I've been on Instagram since it all started. Seriously, I remember getting an email with some kind of invite
to it (?) in the beginning of 2011. It launched in the end of 2010, so I wasn't on it at the very start, but almost.
I remember how cool I thought it was, to post pictures and having people all around the world like them...
Having hashtags and all of that! The downside was that basically no one I knew was one it when I started
my IG-account, so it was kind of boring there in the beginning, not knowing who to follow.

It took off however, and well, now basically everyone is on Instagram! And I'm still an Instagram addict.
True story. So please guys, do follow my Instagram account @hananaa. I post daily and I also post a bunch of
stories, you can see my old travel-stories in the highlights on my profile. See you on Instagram, right..?



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