1. Fancy as fuck. Love my Brandy Melville beanie. 2. Westyle peace bracelet. 3. Summer outfits <3
 Denim cutoffs from American Eagle and t-shirt from Young British Designers. 4. TANLINES <3

5. Hello my name is obsessedwithfruit89. 6. In my home. 7. All black everything. 8. Bikinis and long hair <3

9. Mojitos on a Saturday night. 10. My former bestie and I, we still laugh our asses 
off when we're together. 11. Skull bracelets <3 12. Ah, gotta love summer outfits!

13. Nature is pretty amazing. 14. The perfect blue skinny jeans. Bought where? H&M. 
15. My Daniel Wellington watch from Gauharshop. 16. Editing the new Stylegodis lookbook.


  1. I love your beanie and I must admit - I'm obsessed with fruit as well!

    - http://despite-the-style.blogspot.com/


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