I've followed Janni on her blog and Instagram since she started and I just think she's so amazing.
 Obviously I'm following her Youtube-channel as well. I mean how can you not? She's got the "IT-
girl" vibe for sure. And I cannot get enough of her and her family's over-the-top lifestyle.

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Finally, summer is here. Oh and how I want it to stay... I live for warm days, sunshine and dips in the
 ocean. And this summer I've also, FINALLY, bought a SUP-board. And oh my, it's so relaxing, so
much fun. Now I want to learn how to surf, anyone up for a surfcamp in let's say.... Costa Rica..?

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In December 2017 me and my boyfriend finally visited the beautiful island of Madeira. I had wanted
 to go there for SO long. We stayed there for one week, at an amazing 5-star hotel in Calheta named
  Savoy Saccharum Resort & Spa. We had a beautiful room with the most fantastic view of the ocean!

Madeira was surprisingly full of palm trees. For some reason I didn't expect there to be palm trees,
so I was pleasantly surprised, hehe (I am obsessed with palm trees).

The street outside of the hotel was very steep. But, it was free to park there and we therefore parked our
rental car there everyday. There was parking at the hotel, but we thought it was ridiculously expensive.

The hotel had 3 outdoor pools, and this one was our favorite - the infinity pool.

One of the days we made a day trip to Porto Moniz, which was beautiful.

Wonderful sunset view from our balcony.

One of the highlights of the trip was to hike some levadas. It was so beautiful, and the air so fresh
 and clean. I loved every minute of it. It was like walking in a rainforest.

We also spotted some pretty amazing waterfalls.

There was a spa at the hotel, so naturally all guests had their own private bathrobes and
slippers to walk around in - so cozy and we definitely used our.

The breakfast at the hotel was INCREDIBLE. I practically rolled out of the breakfast restaurant every
 morning. Oh and there was champagne at the breakfast, so, obviously I had a glass each morning (hehe).

The little harbor in Calheta.

Oh those beautiful levadas. I could really see myself going back to Madeira someday!

Please visit Madeira, I can recommend it to pretty much everyone! Maybe not to the crazy party
people, but to all of you others who appreciate a calm and relaxing holiday on a beautiful island.



I'll just let the images speak for themselves. I think you get the point.

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Finding the perfect tee is never easy. However, I believe that these T by Alexander Wang
tees could be pretty near perfection. At least they look really good with denim.

Find the black one HERE and the white one HERE



2018, a new year with new possibilities. This is the year. Shout it out to the universe and start
 working on being in the best shape that YOU can be. No body is perfect. But I believe that anyone
can strive to have a strong and lean body, a body that will carry them for the rest of their lives.

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The past days I've been home sick, with a fever. Always when I just rest, rest and rest and have weird
 fever-dreams I get creative and want to hop on to something new. This time it was a new Instagram-
account. So please go follow me/my blog in Instagram at @minimalisticwandress.

See ya on the 'gram! xoxo