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Hi everyone, I'm moving! Please please please check out my new blog:

I'm in the middle of moving and the new blog is not 100% done yet, but, getting there...

So, from now on - make sure to check out my posts on my new awesome
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1. The talented Mr. Ripley - the movie that will make you dream away to Greece and Italy...
I've watched this movie many times, and I still find it so interesting. It is a psychological
 thriller, and really intriguing. I love it. And the surroundings in it, so dreamy & beautiful!

2. The Tourist - the movie that will make you crave Venice AND get a major girl
crush on Angelina Jolie (if you didn't already have one) I mean, how out-of-this-world
beautiful isn't she? And I feel she is extra beautiful in this movie.

3. The Holiday - the movie that will make you dream of travelling to the English countryside,
and falling in love with the charmingly handsome Jude Law... Ah! This movie is one of my
all-time-faves and I watch it every year in December. And every year I swear that the next
year I will book a trip to England, to roadtrip through the countryside... Maybe next year!


What's YOUR top 3 movies to watch when you're dreaming of a vacay?





Kendall is an inspiration in many ways. She's doing her own thing despite being a part
of a big family who seems to stick very much together, doing the same kind of things.
Not Kendall, she wanted to be a model and she wanted to be more independent - so
she wen't away and became those things. Cheers to you Kendall.

She's also a style inspiration. Her personal style has always been great. Well,
I'm sure she's got a stylist keeping her on top of things. But still, Kendall's
own personal style is there, and I really like it.

Above you can see some of my fave looks on her in the recent years. She's all
about denim jeans, crop tops, belts, sunnies and the overall "cool vibe". 

All images found via Pinterest.

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Greece is a magnificent country with a ton of beautiful islands. Or so
I've heard, I've actually just been to one of those islands: Crete

We visited Crete this Fall, just a couple of weeks ago actually, to celebrate my boyfriends mom
and stepdad who both turned 60 this year (congrats to them!). We were quite a big crew who went
on the trip; 10 adults and 4 kids. Phew! To survive a week on Crete without getting too pissed at each
 other etc. we decided to stay at a hotel, which turned out to be a pretty great move. 

Okay okay, enough with the smalltalk! Let's go to the topic of this blogpost: Falassarna beach!
The thing is, one day we rented a car (or 4 of us adults did) and drove out to what turned out
to be such a beautiful place: Falassarna beach. We even went back there two days later.

Falassarna beach had the clearest, most turquoise waters I've ever seen (hey the above image is
edited af to suit my IG feed...). We just couldn't get enough of swimming or playing beach-tennis
in the water (btw, the perfect activity when you want to work out while getting tan!).

I was however sick (the flu, fever - you know the drill), so I was pretty stoked about the beach
 having some  pretty comfortable, and stylish looking (great for good pictures hey!) sunbeds.
They were perfect for taking breaks from the water activities, to lay on and read a book or two. 
I actually read one of my absolute favorites books this year on a sunbed in Falassarna.  The book
is called "You are a badass" and is written by an author named Jen Sincero - I truly urge you to
read it. It's awesome! So inspiring and a real kick-in-the-butt self-help book. 

One "funny" thing about Falassarna beach is that it seemed to be pretty popular among nudists 
(yeah I saw some weeners I could've lived on without seeing...). But the beach is really huge
and long, so you can choose the area that is best suited for you! 

- Go to the left side of the beach if you want to be "where
everyone is", among lots of sunbeds, kids, you name it.
- Go to the middle area of the beach if you want some more calm,
less kids, but still a great sandy beach with lots of sunbeds.
- Go to the right side of the beach if you want lots of privacy, get
naked among nudists and swim at a rockier area of the beach
(pictured in the first image of this blogpost).

The beach has a beautiful mountain backdrop, and when you drive down from the mountains
to the beach, you'll see some pretty huge olive tree plantations. Unfortunately I do not have a good
 picture of the view from the mountains down to Falassarna beach, nor of the olive trees - but hey it's
 better experienced live (everything is).  By mentioning the fact that there are olive tree plantations,
I think it's pretty obvious that Falassarna beach is kind of a great place to buy some olive oil at!

So, that was that about Falassarna beach. I only have one more thing to
say about it: go there if you ever find yourself on Crete and want to go
to a beautiful beach! You won't regret it, I promise.


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Now when Fall season is here, ar the last skirt-wearing days of 2018 counted? I say hell no! Just
pair your mini-skirt with something warm, like your absolute warmest and coziest sweater, over-knee
 boots or stockings. Really cold? Pair your mini-skirt with all of the mentioned. Above I've collected
 some inspo, and below you can see some of my skirt-faves in store as we speak. 


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I've been on Instagram since it all started. Seriously, I remember getting an email with some kind of invite
to it (?) in the beginning of 2011. It launched in the end of 2010, so I wasn't on it at the very start, but almost.
I remember how cool I thought it was, to post pictures and having people all around the world like them...
Having hashtags and all of that! The downside was that basically no one I knew was one it when I started
my IG-account, so it was kind of boring there in the beginning, not knowing who to follow.

It took off however, and well, now basically everyone is on Instagram! And I'm still an Instagram addict.
True story. So please guys, do follow my Instagram account @hananaa. I post daily and I also post a bunch of
stories, you can see my old travel-stories in the highlights on my profile. See you on Instagram, right..?




This post contains ad-links.
All about keeping it simple. Beige, black, dark grey and gold.

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This Summer we travelled to Lake Como, in Italy (as I've previously mentioned).
Lake Como is said to be the most beautiful lake in the world, and I must say I agree.

As we were on a 9 day roadtrip through 4 countries, we only had two nights to spend at the lake.
To get the most out of those two nights, we decided to spend the first night up at a small family hotel
 in the mountains surrounding Lake Como, and the second (also at a small family hotel) down by the lake.

The views from the hotel were amazing. And it was so
peaceful and calm, I could've stayed there forever...

The second night, at the hotel down by the lake, we also had an amazing view! There was a
small beach nearby (like TINY, it was really packed with people, even dogs...) where we spent
a couple of hours in the afternoon. It was OK, but I wouldn't recommend coming to Lake Como for
a beach holiday. The beaches there are just a few, and they're really uncomfortable with basically just
 rocks and no sand. Plus, as I said, TINY and packed with both people and dogs.

Conclusion: visiting Lake Como for two days was really great, but I would definitely stay longer the
 next time... There's so much to explore! Cozy little towns and villages all around the lake, amazing
restaurants, hikes to take in the mountains, boat-rides, ah... And hey, fun fact, did you know that
 George Clooney has a villa at Lake Como? So bummed that I didn't see him... Oh well, next time!

All images by me, myself and I. 




Basically how I want to dress this Fall.

All images via Pinterest.

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If there's something I wish I could do more of, it's to spend more time in a bikini. I am one of those
 who's constantly freezing, and complaining about how cold it is. Let's just say, my life feels ten times
 easier whenever it's so hot outside that I can be in a bikini not have to freeze my ass off. And still, I
 live in Finland, hmm... Above a picture of me in a pool in Italy this Summer, wearing my all-time
 favorite hat by Borsalino. Really wish I could teleport myself back to that pool like NOW.