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WHOISHANNA?: March 2016



Probably the tastiest looking chicken salad ever.

This avocado and egg sandwich is just too damn mouth-watering.

Veggie bowl - yes please! At least this good looking one.

Melon, proscuitto and mozzarella skewers - how perfect does that sound!?

Sushi hand roll. I've never eaten any of those - but I can't wait to do it! 
Anyone know where I could have one like this one?

Turkey, avocado and goat cheese panini. YUMMIE. No more words needed.


All images via Pinterest.


Something that I think is of importance when you have a business is to have a 
business card, preferably a stylish one. Business cards are a fun and easy way to 
showcase yourself. I just started working as a Marketing Assistant at a great company 
and I cannot wait 'til the day that I get business cards that I can start handing out. 

If you guys want ideas on great companies that make business cards I can recommend MOO, they've got 
TONS of great designs and it seems really easy to order! Another great company for business cards is Zazzle.

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All pics via Pinterest.



Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I've been incredibly busy. I've been on a vacay to Sweden, and 
I also have a new awesome job! Anyways, beachdays and toast with pesto + eggs are on my mind...



A sunny day. Love it when the spring-sun starts shining in.

Dinner with one of my besties. Mashed potatoes/sweet potatoes with 
blue cheese stuffed salmon + spinach & avocado. And white wine of course.

Out and about on a Sunday with my man and one of his besties. 
Snowmobile-driving of course (my boyfriend is obsessed with it).

I must say, snowmobile driving can be incredibly relaxing and take you to 
beautiful places like this one. Me likey. Being outdoors is awesome.