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3 things I look forward to
→ Our trip to California
→ Christmas
→ Next summer

3 things I like
→ Les Mills Bodycombat
→ Popcorn
→ My boyfriend <3
3 things I don't like
→ When the weather is cold
→ My birthday 
→ Pork meat (unless it's bacon)
3 things I want
→ Popcorn, literally every day
→ To be healthy
→ To llive a long and happy life
3 things I should
→ Stop procrastinating...
→ Clean my computer, and my phone...
→ Eat more veggies and less fruit
3 things I can
→ Speak 3 languages (Swedish, Finnish, English) + a little French
→ Make the best homemade popcorn!
→ Do the "lord of dance" yoga pose
3 things I can't
→ Wear high heels for a whole night
→ Study for tests...
→ Do a handstand
3 things on my wishlist
→ A new camera
→ A trip to Italy during summer
→ 2 kids in a couple of years, haha 
3 things that calm me down
→ Long walks in the woods or by the sea
→ Cuddling with my boyfriend
→ Yoga


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