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Dying over the Hunky Dory sequin skirt... Would love to match it with a simple white tee 
and some high-heeled black sandals this summer. Also, #2, and IRO jacket - how cool? I'd 
be wearing that one on chilly summer nights, and this fall (hello, perfect mossy-green color 
for fall!). The black dress would be perfect for beach days. I always like to be really comfy 
and just wear super-simple stuff when I go to the beach - so what's more perfect than a 
simple full-length black dress then..? #4 = the perfect leather shorts = a must. The grey top 
is definitely a must too, it's a great copy of the T byAlexander Wang muscle tank. So... 
Last, the leather pants. It's hard to find great leather pants, but these look kind of perfect!? 

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