Zina from Fashionvibe, Shea from Peace Love Shea, Columbine 
from Columbine.freshnet.se and Julie from Sincerely, Jules

I love that Zine loves her black RayBan wayfarers like me, hehe. And I love that her 
style is very cool, and often very "rock'n roll-ish". Shea's style is very "SoCal" - and I 
love that. What about Columbine's style then? Well, in my opinion it's very "Stockholm", 
with a twist. I can't describe the "twist", but I like it. Her style is awesome. Julie wears 
a lot of different kinds of clothes, so her style varies very much. But I love how she styles 
every outfit, there's perfection over every outfit she wears, and that I like very much. 

What do you think of these 4 bloggers and their personal styles?


  1. I think i'll follow shea and juliet because those two outfit are great! shea has a special look (animalier is not one of my favs but on her it looks stunning!) and juliet's is so lovely casual!