On NYE my bf and I invited one of my friends + her guy friend to our place for some 
drinks and snacks. After some drinks and way too many glasses of both wine and 
champagne - we went out and spent the rest of the night at a club. I drink very rarely, 
and very little - since I really don't like alcohol nor being drunk. But hey, it's fun 
sometimes. Anyways, we had our last shots at the club at 3:30 in the morning - and 
were still sipping wine at 5:00 in the morning. So, let's just say it was a fun night. 

Yesterday tho, was a bitch. Seriously. One should simply not be drinking alcohol after
midnight... I ate nothing but pizza, chips and chocolate yesterday. Great way to start
off the new, healthy year... Not. But so what. There's only one NYE/year! 

Did you guys have a good NYE? Did you go out or stay home?

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