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WHOISHANNA?: February 2017



So, in January this year we flew 11 hours across the Atlantic to spend 10 days in Miami.

On the first night we checked out Ocean Drive, that we had heard so much about.
I was actually kind of disappointed, it was way too touristy for my taste.

Had seen these stones all over Instagram. Felt like I had
to snap a pic. What are these stones anyway?

We walked all over South Beach and ended up at South Point Pier Park.

I pretty much lived on smoothies. Naked smoothies "Blue machine and "Green
machine" - my absolute faves. SO happy we have them in Finland now as well.

We grabbed Starbucks drinks at the Lummus Park Starbucks everyday.

My boyfriend had a Frappuchino (with whipped cream etc. etc.) while I had a green tea latte
with coconut milk. Every. Single. Day. I could live on these and Naked smoothies, seriously.

Lummus Park & Ocean Drive daytime.

I'd heard Miami was windy, but man, THAT windy. The waves were insane.

Our first day at the beach. So pale...

Beach essentials. A good book and a ton of water.

Ah, sand on my toes. One of the best feelings. Can I live on the beach?

One morning we took a sweaty walk to Mid-beach. It was
so hot we thought we were gonna die. Kind of.

Palm trees <3

Really cute.

I took a lot of pictures on palm trees. I love palm trees. And since these were
coconut palm trees, and I love coconut - well I loved these palm trees a lot.

Fifty shades of blue.

Honestly not that good. The regular ones are better.

One night we powerwalked our asses off to catch this beautiful sunset...

That same night we went out for mojitos, yum. I had a coconut mojito and it was seriously the best
 mojito I've ever had. You should stop by Balans Bar for drinks if you're in Miami Beach sometime!

Beachday, bestday. This day was not at all windy, as you can see on the ocean. On this day I
went swimming and I seriously didn't wanna come up out of the water. It was amazing.

Nothing beats California sunsets, but Miami sunsets aren't that bad either.

On one of our last nights in Miami we went to the American Airlines arena to see a Heat Game.

Snapped a pic of this Moulin Rouge-ish tower/building that was right outside the arena.

Guilty of being obsessed with palm trees.

So pretty!

Somewhere over England on our way home. Such a beautiful sunrise up in the air! Tried catching it
 on photo, but this is really far from how stunning it was IRL. I was glued to the window like a kid.


Overall a nice trip. BUT, I'd choose SoCal over Miami any day.