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WHOISHANNA?: July 2016



Black, grey, white, green, wood, concrete, stripes, fluffy pillows and throws. Me likey.

All images via Pinterest.




A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I celebrated our 2 years together. We celebrated by going to an apartment
hotel in Kalajoki. In stead of going out for dinner we decided to make our own dinner in the apartment.
Let's just say we went all in... Huge nacho-plates with pulled chicken, with my favorite red, organic wine.
For dessert we had cherries (yum!), dark chocolate (also yum!) and sangria that my boyfriend my (SO YUM!).

Yup, we're fatties.

My love admiring the view (you can't see it in the pic, but there's an ocean view) while having a Corona. He's
obsessed with Corona. Everytime we go to a party, celebration, whatever he always brings his own Corona, with lime. 

Driving home from Kalajoki we stopped for a quick bite in Kokkola. My bf had a pasta
bolognese and I had some delicious falafel with eggplant + tomato sauce. Yummey.

One summery night in June we took our rusty bikes for a 20 km ride. 

Two weekends ago we celebrated Midsummer. Like last year we went out to my bf's mum + stepdads
summer house on a little island way out in the archipelago. It was so peaceful and relaxing!

I mean come on... I took this photo at about 1 am on Midsummer eve. Love it!

On the way home from the summer cottage on Sunday we had some issues with one of the
dogs. We were 6 adults, one kid and 2 big dogs in the boat. All of the sudden there was an
accident with one of the dogs... Let's just say it was a really shitty trip! Ew... 

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is white flowers. I often buy flowers on Sundays,
because then I'll have them to come home to on Monday and then Monday won't feel so boring.



Monday morning and back to work. Luckily I love my job.

Have a good week! xo

All images via Pinterest.




Summertime is my favorite season to go for long walks, powerwalks and runds. Wintertime is 
when I spend time at the gym, doing weights and going to classes like Bodycombat and Bodyattack.

All images via Pinterest, ofc.




One of my fave bloggers Janni Deler (also obsessed with her vlog's on Youtube!) is in Formentera at
the moment, and I think it looks SO ahmazing! I've always been an US-person, like I always want to
 travel to the US whenever I'm travelling. BUT, I'm starting to feel like I should explore Europe more.

Another one of my fave bloggers, Sofie from Foodstories, just shared a recipe on these sandwiches
that looks  so awesome! I mean, corn + avocado? Perfection. I'm thinking about trying this recipe today!