Valentines Day. The most romantic day of the year perhaps? It's still kind of far away in the 
future, oh okay, it's in a month and a half... But, I've started thinking about it a little 
already. It's the perfect day to give your partner a little bit of extra love and attention. 
A perfect way to do that is to give him/her a cute Valentines Day gift! 

So... Gift ideas? I found five super-cute and perfect gifts for your partner on Valentines Day at
 Uncommongoods.com. First, an anniversay journal that you can read more about here
It's perfect for the couples who've been together for a long time (years & years), are married and 
so on. It's not a gift I'd give to my boyfriend whom I've been together with for a year and a half, but definitely 
something I'd give to him in 10 years after we're married and so on. It would for sure be a very appreciated gift. 

Another gift, that I actually could give at this point, is the "skyline of love" art piece. You can read 
all about it here. If I'd order this I'd probably go with Los Angeles, and insert the dates when we 
were there on vacation in 2015. The personalized stump necklace is so cute and is a necklace I think 
a boy/man actually would wear. Why not buy one for yourself and one for your boyfriend. Matchy
 matchy, very cute! Read all about the personalized stump necklace here

For the zodiac-obsessed ones (like myself) I found custom zodiac constellation glasses. I'd probably buy 
one of each and engrave them with Scorpio (for me) and Taurus (for him). So cool! Read all about
 these super-cool glasses here. The last and maybe the cutest gift I found at Uncommongoods.com 
is the journal "Our love story". I'd love to fill the journal out, and I'm sure my boyfriend would love
 reading it. The perfect gift for loving and cute couples. Read all about it here.

Anyway... Hope you guys got inspired by this Valentines Day post and maybe even found something
 to buy for your partner?! There are even more cute gifts over at Uncommongoods.com here, here and here
I love supporting companies like Uncommongoods.com and that's the reason I dedicated a whole post
 to items only from their site. Uncommongoods is a company that is trying to be more environmentally friendly, 
socially responsible and a rewarding place to work - and I love that. You can read all about their mission here.

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