So... This is how long my hair is right now. I LOVE IT. But I am a bit bored with it. So, what to do..? Highlights? 
Lighter ones? It's a bit ombre-ish at the moments with some highlights (thanks Cali-sun for that!). Hmm... Love these:


  1. Honestly Hannah, you look better in brunette than blonde. it suits your complexion better. So if you want intensify the ombre, but keep a beautiful brown to frame your face. Just my opinion.
    You have an exquisite eye for beauty, I have been following you for a looong time.

  2. Oh thank you so much <3 Hmm yeah, maybe I'll just leave my hair be as it is... It's actually really nice just having my natural hair-color and not having to worry too much about it, + it's really thick and healthy at the moment. Oh well, we'll see :)