There's lots of new goodies over at H&M.com. The above one's are MY faves. 

The biker jacket is in real leather, and I just think it looks so perfect (and hot!!). The purse is kind 
of Alexander Wang-ish, and looks so cool - would be great for the summer (for one like me, who
 loooove's black). The boots are, like the biker jacket, real leather. They're different, they're hot and
 they look comfortable. The necklace is just a typical "Hanna-necklace", simple and in silver, me like.
 I'm really into white, and purple-glittery nailpolishes right now - so I was sooo happy when I saw
 this two among the news, LOVE! The dress is like the perfect, grey summer dress. I remember I was
 looking for a similar dress in Dubai last spring (was there on a week long vacay), but couldn't find
 one anywhere - so I definitely need to buy this one asap, it's much needed in my summer-wardrobe. 

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