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1. Somewhere over Europe last week... On a KLM airplane. 2. Fruitsalad from Ralphs. 3. Did some
 shopping at Nike! 4. New necklace from Westyle. 5. Late night Starbucks after a day of shopping at
 The Grove. 6. Skull bracelets from Ebay, spike bracelet from Westyle. 7. Beet salad at Blue Jam Cafe
 on Melrose. 8. Hiking in Griffith Park. 9. Shopping at The Grove. 10. Early Starbucks coffee at Farmers
 Market. 11. Fruits at the local Ralphs. 12. New peace bracelet from Westyle. 13. Topshop loafers,
 H&M jeans. 14. My new white, iPhone 5 <3 15. A not so sunny day in the otherwise sunny California.


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