The Danish high-street fashion brand VILA has recently launched a campaign, which is all about
 having confidence and being true to who you are. I think this is such a great campaign and the
 message is so important. We need to have confidence and we really need to be true to who we are.
 There's billions of people in this world - but none of them are you. You are you. And no one else is
 looking out for you, just you. That's why you need to have confidence, and be true to who you are.

 You are responsible for your own happiness, and your own life. And in order to have a happy life,
 you really need to be confident in your own skin. You gotta stand up for yourself, you gotta know
 yourself, and you gotta be true to yourself. No matter who you are. If clothes makes you feel more
 confident? Well, good for you. But, clothes shouldn't be the deal-breaker. You gotta be confident,
 first and foremost, in your own skin. Then, if clothes makes you even more confident - well, that's
 awesome. Then wear the kind of clothes that makes you feel even more confident. And do have your
 own style. Dare to be you. Be true to who you are. Wear whichever clothes you want. 

The most important thing, by the end of the day - is that you are you, and that you know who you
 are. Be confident, and be true to who you are. Got it? Ok, great. I think this is so important, and I'm
 so happy that VILA is trying to spread the word about this. Please do so you too! Watch this video,
 and share. And please, please, please - be you, live your own life, be your own girl. The end.


  1. We are all different and we have to be proud of this.
    Great idea. Great campaign.

    1. so true! yes, I'm so happy that VILA is having a campaign like this - it's so important!

  2. Awesome idea to put this kind of thing to campaign! And this text was really great, u have so nice style to write. I really enjoy to reading your posts, would be fun if u wrote more!


    1. I know, I love this campaign, it's such an important one! thanks so much Jenna! I love writing, I actually don't know why I don't write more texts on the blogs... hmm, lazy, I guess (haha)! I will try to start writing more in the future! :)