Some of you guys may know that I've studied fashion for one year, at Stockholm University in Stockholm (duh...), 
those who didn't know - now you do. Anyway... These are some of the books we  studied/read/talked about/had exams on 
etc.. I can definitely recommend "Costume & fashion" for those of you that wants to know more about fashion 
history - it's all about that. Another one I recommend is "Modeologi" (Fashionology in English). I've probably read that 
one 5 times, and I've got at least 10000000 notes in it, haha. It's really good if you want to know more about what 
fashion is, the whole fashion process etc.. The other ones - well, they're ok. I can recommend "Undressing cinema
for those of you that are interested in movies - I really enjoyed reading it, it was very interesting. 

Ps! I buy all of my books from Bookplus. It's a great site, with lots of books, in Finnish, Swedish 
and English. And right now they're having their huge summer-sale. Check it out!


  1. Great post! I will have to check out some of these books :)

    Jess xx


  2. Oh i lovee fashion books, they always look so amazing and they're basically inspiring :) x


  3. Thanks for the tips. I definitely must check it out.