Started my day by watching Jersey Shore and eating breakfast (+ drinking my morning coffee). Then, I did nothing for a while (lol). Then, me and my bf went to the gym.  I had such an effective and hard workout that I almost fainted (that sucked). Then we went home to shower, and watch some That 70's show on tv (dunno why they still show that? but hey, I don't mind, love the show). Then we went shopping. I bought the boyfriend jeans I featured in my previous post, and my boyfriend bought a jacket. Awesomeness. Then, we went to the grocery store (where there was the usual friday-madness going on, people go loco on fridays...). And now we're home. What we're gonna tonight? Stay in, chill out, eat pizza (oh hell yes, I've been eating salads for 2 weeks... I totally deserve some pizza <3) and watch some tv-shows (probably The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I'm a new addict). Great friday huh!? Very chill. 

How was/is your friday? Doing something fun today? Tell me.


  1. today's a lazy day ;)

    1. hehe, lazy days are great days too :)