So... Did you all have a nice valentines day? I had. Niceish, anyway. We didn't do much. Watched a bunch of tv-series
(GG, Hawaii 5-0, Pretty Little Liars, HIMYM, 2 and a half men and Hart Of Dixie), had a delich dinner (homemade "tacoplate"),
I baked an applepie - and then in the evening we went out for an hour long powerwalk. Not a very romantic nor special day
huh? But, at least we spent it together - and that's all that matters. 

Today then, what's up? Well, I'll be home most of the day, studying... I'm taking an online class in economics that's
taking up a whole lot of my time. It's hard! Damnit... I'm more of an creative "whatever" kind of person, so studying economics
is really hard, u can't be very creative in economics... LOL! But I guess this course will be a good thing to have "up your sleeve"...
I just realized that I in the end of my studies will be able to say that I've studied fashion, economics, education and educational leadership/management. But is it really me..? Naah... I always pictured myself going to an art/fashion/acting school... Life is messed up.

Moving on! Why the hell am I writing this blog in english all of a sudden? Good q! Guess I just wanna practice my english... I'm obsessed with english, the language. American english then ofc. I actually dream in english, weird... I read all my books in english too, and movies/tv-series without subs. 

Ok, well, whatever. Gotta go, as I said - have some studying to do. Later today I'll probably go to the gym.
Only one month and one week 'til our Dubai-trip now - gotta get in bikinishape... :D

Just some eyecandy for u guys ;) Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore on TVD.


  1. The new GG episode was nice :) did you watch it yet? I'm addicted.

    I know the feeling (dreaming in english) I lived in LA for a year and I only spoke, thought and dreamt in english and it still happens sometimes :)

    1. It was, I love that "Blair and Dan-thing" that's going on right now :) I'm addicted too!

      Oh, you've lived in LA for a year? So jealous! Were u there as an aupair or did u study? :)

    2. I know me too, but I would love to see Blair and Chuck together again and I feel bad for Serena :)

      Yes I did, it was great, I was an aupair (not so great), I took some classes at UCLA too, LA is really nice :)

    3. Yeah me too! Tho it's really fun to see Blair & Dan - the thing I would love the most is if Dan + Serena and Blair + Chuck would be together :)

      UCLA!? Oh now I'm superjealous!! :D I was an aupair too, but in NJ, for two weeks... Haha. I hated it so much I went home. I really wanted to go to L.A. (or somewhere in OC) but the organisation that I travelled with told me I couldn't go there and that I had to "settle for" a family on the east coast... So, that's why I was in NJ and not CA. I would probably have stayed the whole year if I had gotten a family in SoCal - though Im sure I would've hated being an aupair there also... :D

  2. I checked your blog and I like it!
    Visit my blog and if u want we can follow each other!
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I checked ur blog out too - it's really nice also. :) And btw, I'm following u!