Hey guys. So, my life has been a roller coaster. I've lived in two countries and at one time I also "fled" to the US, and was supposed to be there for a loooong time, but I came home again pretty quickly. I've had many jobs - all of whom I've hated. So, here I am, 22 years old - with lots of ideas, lots of creativity, lots of dreams, lots of ambitions - but no idea where to start. I don't want a "normal" job - I wanna work with what I love. I wanna be a stylist. Style for magazines, style celebs, style normal people who just needs help building a wardrobe, style tv-shows, style music videos - style it all you know. But... Where do I start? What do I do..? I'm a mess right now. I so clearly know WHAT I want, I just don't know how I'll get there. Ideas? 

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