My boyfriend and I went to Paris for a weekend trip in september 2010. We walked a lot, and 
saw so many wonderful places in the beautiful Paris. My favorite place (and the place I really 
wanna go back to) was Le Louvre. So much history in one place - amazing. It was really 
breathtaking. If you ever decide to go to Paris - don't rent a car or take a taxi - walk! It's 
really the best way to get around, and see things. And yes, our feet were absolutely
disgusting by the end of our weekend, I actually had to go to a pharmacy and buy some things to 
ease the pain in my feet - but it was so worth it. 

Paris is wonderful and I can't wait to go back there someday!

Have you guys ever been to Paris, and if so, what's ur favorite place in the city?

Ps, sorry for the bad quality in the pics. They were taken with my iphone...


  1. J'adore Paris! Its such a gorgeous city! I love Notre Dame and just walking down by the Louvre! Ahh i miss it! love ur pics

    love from San Francisco,

    1. I love Paris too - such an amazing city! thanks <3

  2. Älskar Paris, men jag var dit som 16 åring och uppskattade det inte på samma sätt då som jag tror jag skulle göra nu. Jag vill alltså åka dit snart igen! ;) ps. är bilderna faktiskt iphone tagna? Dom är ju jättebra!

    1. åk, åk, åk ;) int så dyrt med norwegian eller ryanair! oh yes det är de!