So... I tried clicking home that golden sweater from H&M that I posted about... I had a -25% coupon that would've made it
even cheaper (original price: 9,95€/13dollar). BUT all sizes were out of stock, ALL. Just my luck... So, instead I clicked home
these three items. The pink/shimmery sweater is from the children's department, and I think it's so cute. I've seen it IRL
and the fabric is supersoft, so it'll be supercomfy to wear. Price? 5,95€! The silver "uggs" were too cute to not be bought...
And they cost me only 3,95€ (!!). And the last item in the pic, is a top I've wanted to buy for a long time. I think it will be
perfect in the summer! And it was like the other items; very cheap, only 7,95€. Not bad huh!?


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    1. Ja! Kommer lätt använda de varje dag när jag får dem, hehe :)