I'm kind of planning a trip to L.A. in september/october. A 3 week trip. Alone this time. Kind of dreaming of taking a course
or two. I'll let u in on the details when or if I book the whole thing... We'll see :)


  1. Go go go :)
    And tell me if you do, maybe I can recommend some places? :)

    1. I so wanna go! :) Just have to see if I can afford it... I've beem there once before, in april last year, AND I LOVED IT. I was depressed the whole summer afterwards cuz I missed L.A. so much, haha... YES, please recommend places!! :) I know I loved the beaches in Malibu, 3rd street and Beverly Blvd for great food places, and I also loved Wholefoods at Fairfax and The Grove... But if you have any other great places to recommend, please do!! :)

    2. I know the feeling, I want to go back for a couple of weeks too, but can't afford it. I want to save up for it too, so I can shop a bunch while I'm there :) I will definitely recommend some places, just tell me when you're going :)