So, I got an award from one of my lovely readers; Florence.
Thanks alot Florence, hope u'll like the answers!


1. Who is your authority? 
I don't really understand this question..?

2. The funniest situation in your life? 
Maybe one night when me and my friend C were SUPER drunk (it was 5 years ago I think, 
when we were 16/17) and we called a LOT of people on my contact list. They were "kind of" annoyed, 
but some actually answered their cells and talked to us, even though we were extremely drunk, 
and extremely annoying. It was so much fun. Not that fun the day after though...  Haha!

3. Have you ever done your own DIY? 
Yes, quite many actually. Like studded denim shorts, a skirt out of pants, etc.

4. What is your the biggest dream? 
To live in California on a permanent basis. 

5. Did one of your dreams comes true? 
Several of them actually.

6. What was you the biggest fashion setback
Umm... can't remember! I've probably had many.

7. Did you meet friends on blogger-world? 

8. Have you ever been on concert of famous artist? Who was that? 
Famous Swedish artists anyway, haha. Tove Styrke, Markoolio, EMD, Patrik Isaksson and 
Alcazar. SWEDES - DON'T LAUGH. I was gonna go to a Rihanna concert last year - but then 
I sold my tickets to some friends, because I moved to another country and couldn't go.

9. What movie makes you cry? 
The Notebook, A walk to remember, any movie with animals (especially dogs), Twilight-movies 
and Transformers (hahaha yes, my heart beats for those robots). 

10. How you imagine yourself 10 years later? 
By then I'll be 33. My biggest dream has come true and I'm living the life I always wanted. 
I don't have kids, yet anyway, and I'm not married, not yet anyway. I'm still kind of "free", and happy. 

11. Do you like my blog? Why? 
I just started following it. I really like the design :)

6 favorite movies?
The Twilight Saga, The Notebook, The Hangover, The Holiday, Crazy, stupid, love, and Dirty Dancing.

10 things you wanna do in your life?
Go to Dubai (going in a month), learn how to surf/at least try, attend NYFW, be on a movie set, 
work as a stylist, visit Australia, live in California, own something from Balmain, meet Britney 
Spears (it was my biggest dream when I was 10, and I owe it to the 10 year old me to still wish 
that I'll someday get to meet her) and do yoga everyday.


  1. congrats on the award!
    i don't understand the first question either haha, also love that you thought of your 10 year old self while answering this haha. i would too!